Edmonton Zone Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

A listing of the health services available in the Edmonton Zone for child and adolescent mental health patients. For information about social services for child and adolescent mental health patients, please visit ab.211.ca.

CASA House

Referral Pathway

Referrals must be made by a health professional, such as a physician or therapist, through Alberta Health Services centralized intake at 825-402-6799.

Description of Service

CASA House is a live-in program for teens who need support with significant mental health and/or addiction challenges. Teens stay at CASA House for an average of four months. The program involves parents and caregivers as active participants in treatment. Treatment includes individual, group and family therapy, social and life skills training, and on-site schooling in small classroom settings.

CASA House is for youth in grades seven to 12 who have not responded as expected to previous therapy. The program serves youth with various needs including severe mental health challenges, addiction issues, complex learning needs, family problems or social issues.

Hours / Contact Information

Patient Cost