Edmonton Zone Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

A listing of the health services available in the Edmonton Zone for child and adolescent mental health patients. For information about social services for child and adolescent mental health patients, please visit ab.211.ca.

Addiction and Mental Health – Crisis Team

Referral Pathway

Self-referrals are accepted.

Non-Connect Care Users: Phone direct to the team for referrals.

Connect Care Users: Connect Care Users: Use the Ambulatory Referral Order to the respective specialty in Connect Care.

Urgent Referrals: Please direct patients to contact the Mental Health Crisis Team for Children and Youth at 780-407-1000 or direct patients to the nearest Emergency Department or Urgent Care facility.

Emergency Referrals: For imminent risk requiring immediate intervention, call 9-1-1.

Description of Service

The Crisis Team offers immediate crisis support through the Crisis Line to children / youth, aged 5-17 years of age, and their care providers. The Crisis Team also provides support to professionals in the community. Therapists will determine, together with caregivers, if additional services (e.g., a crisis risk assessment) are required at the time of the crisis call.

Hours / Contact Information

Phone: 780-644-4591

Hours: Daily (8:30 am – 11:30 pm)


Patient Cost